The role of business school in the post-graduate educational system

  • Nikita Ravochkin


Highly qualified personnel capable of quickly and adequately responding to changes in the externalenvironment, is the key to success of any business entity, and therefore of the entire economy. This factcauses the particular relevance of post-graduate education in the need for economic development and thepursuit of globalization. Worldwide training in business management is conducted through high-end systembusiness schools created at the world's largest universities. Business school training is one of the diverseareas of postgraduate education. In the Russian Federation, within the concept of lifelong education, theemphasis is on the fact that every citizen in an effort to meet the needs of society should be focused oncontinuing education even after graduating from high school. In this context, there is higher vocationaleducation - a system of training for people who already have higher education, focused on the expansion ofknowledge in a particular area or for the acquisition of additional specific knowledge. Postgraduate educationis an integral part of the Bologna process and another area of postgraduate education is the degree ofcandidate or doctor of sciences.
Jun 3, 2016
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