Тhe patient in the process of learning in higher medical school

  • Silvia Kyuchukova


The process of education in medical school contains all the essential features of the learning processin general. Unlike at other universities, in medical schools a third subject – the patient appears. The presenceof the patient as a third party in the process of learning complicates pedagogical interaction due to therealization of complex relationships between: teacher-student; teacher-patient; student-patient; studentstudent;teacher-medical team; student - medical team; teacher-student-patient. The teacher must find abalance between individual preferences of students and educational purposes. The student works directly withthe patient under the supervision of the teacher. The success of the training depends both on the professionalexperience of the teacher and on the theoretical preparation of the student. The training success depends alsoon the patient’s condition. His/her presence in the learning process requires respect of the rules of professionalconduct. In medical practice the abidance of the basic ethical principles is of great importance concerning therelationships between the medical professionals and the patients. This is the basis for selecting the model ofcommunication with patients and their relatives.
Jun 7, 2016
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