Inclusive education - role of the teacher and benefits

  • Sonja Petrovska


The highest number of life stories of individuals with developmental difficulties throughout historyand, unfortunately, nowadays testify about their marginalization in the environment they lived or are living innow and additionally about the segregated institutionalization of the society. In the present, when we insist onnurturing the optimism towards the inclusive concept/access in the education system, there are millions ofchildren and young adults who because of their developmental difficulties do not have adequate and equalconditions for development and participation in the society they live in. The current intensive efforts of thesociety and the schools to introduce inclusive education are slow, but they ensure the unraveling of the trueconcept/access which offers an opportunity for humanization and democratization of the educational processrealized in schools and consequently, based on that, they trace the road which leads to humanization anddemocratization of the societal relations in a broader sense.In this paper have analyzed and evaluated scientific discoveries and practices which confirm the benefits of theinclusive access in the educational system and the role of the teacher in the realization of this process.
Jun 14, 2016
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