Presence of entrepreneurship in primary education in macedonia

  • Lulzim Mehmeti


At present, there is a distinct tendency to create entrepreneurial society in the world, in bothdeveloped and transitional countries. The base of every entrepreneurial society is the establishment ofentrepreneurial awareness and culture in every individual and the society as a whole. Entrepreneurial culture isprimarily developed in the SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises), but it is also successfully implementedin the restructuring of larger companies. There it occurs in a higher form, known as entrepreneurialmanagement. Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial culture and the entrepreneurial management are typical ofmodern economies.It is evident that in transitional countries, and especially in our country, there is an inadequately adaptedsystem of education and training, as one of the aspects of human resources. Educational institutions face theproblem of handling the growing needs, as well as the number and diversity of the target groups. One of thereasons for this is the lack of flexibility and adaptability in the structure of these institutions and their approachto change. Their rigidity even prevents them from adapting the curriculum. The educational systems still tend toemphasize academic knowledge.The Republic of Macedonia makes enormous efforts to create a contemporary educational system, which willfully respect the country’s characteristic features, but at the same time, will be compatible to the currentEuropean and worldwide systems, and suit the present needs, as well as the needs of the time to come. Theabandonment of the equality and averageness approach should soon be replaced with a preference forcreativity, innovation and emphasis on higher expectations.
Jun 15, 2016
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