Trace Elements in Wines produced at Home in the Tikveš Area

  • Ivan Boev
  • Sonja Lepitkova
  • Tena Sijakova-Ivanova


In this paper the results of the geochemical research of the presence of trace elements (Al, As, Ba, Ca, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Li, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Pb, Sr, V и Zn) in the wines produced at home in the Tikveš area with the application of the methods of ICP-AES and (ETAAS) are shown. The paper also presents the correlations made on the basis the presence of certain trace elements in the soil on which the specified variety of grape wine is grown and the same elements in the wine which is produced from that type of grape. The correlations basically point to the fact that there is no great correlation between the presence of the determined trace elements in the soil and wine produced at home. Namely, these correlations for the determined geochemical pairs are the following: Alsoil/Alvine (0.04); Assoil/Asvine (0.11); Basoil/Bavine (0.23); Casoil/Cavine (0.02); Cdsoil/Cdvine(–0.06); Cosoil/Covine (–0.26); Crsoil/Crvine (– 0.04); Cusoil/Cuvine (0.04); Mgsoil/Mgvine (–0.30); Mnsoil/Mnvine (–0.40); Nasoil/Navine (0.11); Nisoil/Nivine (0.03); Pbsoil/Pbvine (0.27); The lack of significant correlations between the given geochemical pairs is a result of a few moments such as: (1) the presence of trace elements in the soil is determined up to the depthof 30 см. (2) trace elements in soils are present mainly in the silicate matrix from which the elements are not easily excreted into aqueous solutions. (3) the root system of the grape vine is at a much greater depth of 30 сm.
Apr 22, 2013
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BOEV, Ivan; LEPITKOVA, Sonja; SIJAKOVA-IVANOVA, Tena. Trace Elements in Wines produced at Home in the Tikveš Area. Geologica Macedonica, [S.l.], v. 24, n. 1/2, p. pp.73–84, apr. 2013. ISSN 1857-8586. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 16 july 2020.