• David Tonevski


 The Promissory note is an effective means by which it allows the provision of all the requirements that exist between the legal entities in the country. Based on Promissory note iewed from a practical point of view it skips an entire court proceedings which may take long time. In the Republic of Macedonia, a year before a Promissory note public stance was that this instrument should have been introduced long ago, due to the fact that across Europe there are various models based on that regulated relations between the countries and the companies. The Advantage in the Promissory note is that it possesses the character of an executive document which means that if the entity fails to pay then the overall claims in such cases can be activated agent, ie to implement a process of enforcement of the claim which is derived from Promissory note. The Promissory note as an instrument is introduced in order to avoid the process of indebtedness companies, thus protecting those creditors etc. bad borrowers.


Sep 12, 2018
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