Регулација на комерцијалните банки: осврт на регулацијата на комерцијалните банки во република македонија

  • Risto Fotov
  • Katerina Fotova


Commercial banks are the most important segment of the fi nancial system in most transition and developing countries, including the Republic of Macedonia. Their infl uence on the economic growth and on the overall state of the fi nancial system is crucial, that is why they are the most analyzed institutions in the fi nancial markets. They have a vital role in transforming savings into investment, mediating between the deponents, and the investors, and hereby acting as accelerator of economic growth and wealth. Their infl uence on the economic growth and prosperity in every country, is the explanation for the very strict both national and international bank regulation. The regulation tends to control and, when possible, to minimize the amount of risks taken by the banks, in order to provide a safe and secure banking system, which will benefi t both deponents and banks itself. Regulation, both national and international, has failed to predict and react to the global fi nancial crisis from 2008. It is considered that the process of deregulation in the US has been the main factor for its occurring. The banks in the United States have undertaken many off-sheet activities, thereby making it harder for the regulators to regulate the banking market. The ongoing development of many fi nancial innovations and derivatives has also helped the spreading of the crisis all over the world, and in the global economy. The regulation of the banking sector in the Republic of Macedonia is a primary role of the National bank of Macedonia (NBRM). NBRM is also the supervising authority in the country, and has done a very good job these past few years, since the Great recession of 2009 has almost missed the Republic of Macedonia. The Great Recession has left many opened questions though, referring especially to stricter regulation, greater and more often controls of banking activities, and understanding the importance and the crucial role of regulation in the fi nancial market, which will be brought closer to You with this paper.
May 20, 2013
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