• Jasmina Dimitrieva


The purpose of this paper is to contribute towards heightened awareness

about international and comparative systems for protection of minority

rights, as a necessary element of integration in a democratic society, and

towards avoidance of its shadow - a social fragmentisation. Sublimated

best practices are offered not as legal transplants, but as a resource for

possible solutions. The methodology encompasses legal analysis of hard

and soft law applicable to minority rights, comparative analyses of best

practices for integration of minorities from several states (Croatia,

Denmark, France, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia and the

  1. UK) as well as analyses of responses to questionnaires by state and nonstate

actors. The results are scrutinized via multi-disciplinary and human

rights approaches; with an emphasis on the civil society’s role as a crosscutting

issue. The results of the research show that the concept of a multiethnic

integrated society needs to be constantly clarified and promoted by

the Government institutions, which should underscore it as a strategic

priority among majority and minority communities in the Republic of

Macedonia; and that a cautious approach needs to be applied to avoid

social fragmentisation on ethnic and cultural bases. The results will be

disseminated and explained at the September International Conference of

the Law Faculty in Stip. Communication of the results includes use of

scientific repositories, press releases and use of social media.

May 21, 2019
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