• Nerma Čolaković Prguda


Globalization and regionalization are some of the most controversial

concepts. Globalization is not an event created naturally but it is a

human creation and it is based on the idea that money requires space

that will allow it to reproduce itself in a new way.

Globalization and regionalization are contradictory unity as their goal

in some cases may be the same, and in some can be quite divergent.

Both of these processes form new institutions in the global economic

space which determine the actions of macroeconomic subjects.

The big problem on the regional and global level is the fact that each

country represents only its own interests Benefits and costs of

globalization are not proportionally divided among sectors, industries,

countries and regions and that makes great problems.

The numerous movements caused by globalization are accompanied by

the establishment of new relations between the regions.

They have many aspects but the economic one is the most important

and it will be presented through the paper. The aim is to show main

characteristics of those processes and their postitive and negative sides

looking from economic view.

May 21, 2019
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