• Ana Nikodinovska Krstevska


Starting from the fact that double standards exist in the policies and

legislative acts in the European Union, as regards to food products and

food distribution in the EU market, like for example in Germany and

Austria food products are being placed on the market with a higher

quality and more accessible prices, while in Bulgaria and Slovak

Republic the same products that are being distributed are of lower

quality and higher prices. The situation is similar in the field of EU’s

Foreign Policy towards acceeding countries. For example the EU has

granted membership to Cyprus and Croatia that still have open

territorial disputes, but on the other side the EU has stalled the Eurointegrative

processes for Republic of Macedonia because of its name

dispute, where in spite of international documents that guarantee the

right of Republic of Macedonia for membership in international

organizations, the EU does not take them in consideration. In base of

that, the purpose of the paper is to investigate the coherence of the

Foreign policy of the European Union towards Republic of Macedonia

vis-á-vis the membership of Cyprus and Croatia.

May 21, 2019
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