• Dragan Stefanovski


The Urban space is a location where the most significant social

evolution is taking place under the influence of the processes of

globalization. The city's analysis in the era of globalization integrates a

set of issues related to urban space in the modern global city and the

city in conditions of globalization. Global tendencies are re-actualizing

the issue of the urban lifestyle of both the individual and the group. The

focus of the paper is directed towards detecting globalization precisely

in the sphere of the urban, following the changes and the functionality

of the space. The urban space is a scene of stratification processes, but

also a scene of interweaving different cultures, a result of

multiculturalism and multi-confessionalism. On the other hand, layered

affiliation leaves an extra mark and recognition. Urban living is a

multidimensional phenomenon that can be perceived in many aspects.

It is integrating manifestations and urban spectacles, which build a

dynamically evolutionary component of space. In a word, the space is

the only place in which all the positive but also the negative experiences

are being felt by the individual and also by the group. Urban space is a

real site for human creativity, acting and using leisure time.

May 21, 2019
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