• Makedonka Radulovic


Religion is an integral part of the life of believers. In our society religion

is intertwined with tradition, family values and cultural heritage. The

research shows that most of the citizens in the Republic of Macedonia

define themselves as believers (91%), but if we go into a detailed

analysis, we will see that they are traditional believers without expert

knowledge in the field of religion, but do not fully adhere to religious

principles and practices. Understanding the religion among the

traditional believers comes down to respecting the tradition and religious

rituals and generosity rituals, nurtured with ages. After the Republic of

Macedonia declared its independence, a long period of revitalization of

religion began, that was characterized by a change in the religious

system, the secularization of religion, the rapprochement of the political

and religious elite, the attempts to introduce religious education.


May 21, 2019
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