• Cvetanka Zahova


The world trends in transport logistics, the dynamic technological development that has occupied today, as well as the integration of the economic space in the sense of creating transnational companies, have contributed to numerous and varied economic transformations and shifts in the international legal regime applicable to transport. The aforementioned trends in the transport sector have substantially contributed to increasing the flexibility, dynamics and speed in the realization of international deals, and thus the expansion of an international multimodal carrier as a separate type of transport. All of these tendencies in economic terms also reflected on international legal sources in the field of transport. However, to a large extent and essentially, these turmoil were reflected in the field of multimodal transport and in general multimodality as a concept. Multimodality as a system that involves the participation of at least two types of means of transport, single tariff means and single logistic operator, primarily through multimodal centers, provides more organized and cost-effective delivery of various types of goods. The carrier in multimodal transport appears as a specialist in the organization of delivery, loading, transhipment, storage, and distribution to end users and users. The carrier, in accordance with the applicable legislation in the Republic of Macedonia, the EU and in accordance with international sources of law in all traffic branches, should deal with the good businessman. Taking into account the numerous developments in this field, especially their influence in international legal sources, the aim of this paper is to analyze the concept of multimodal transport with a focus on the responsibility of the multimodal carriers and the applicability of legal solutions in the business environment. For the needs of labor, the subject of analysis will be the individual international sources in the separate transport branches.

Key words: multimodal, transport, convention, damage, traffic branches.

Sep 26, 2019
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