• Dusica Jovanova


The term “hate speech” is used for all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred based on intolerance on any discriminatory basis. Hate speech is an abuse of freedom of speech which includes the violation of the rights of others. The freedom of speech and expression of thought is a fundamental human right which has an essential role in the realization and protection of other rights. The ability to express an opinion and to share information is a valuable indicator of the democratic capacity and institutional structure of democracy in societies. Elements of hate speech are the intended to spread hatred against a particular group, the content of the specific expression and of course the consequences of hate speech. Hate speech is often present among the Macedonian media, as "the most convenient location" to express a hatred for a particular group, based on intolerance. Hate speech within this process of verbal violence is just the first step which, in worst case scenarios, may lead to real violence. This type of speech, hate speech, usually appears in the press which is a fairly unregulated sphere in our country, and on the internet. These are the two main media platforms that run this kind of negative communication and, because of the fact that they are not sufficiently regulated, it is very hard for them to be processed criminally.

Keywords: hate speech, intolerance, verbal violence, media

Sep 26, 2019
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