• Ivan Nikolov
  • Marina Karova


One of the key tenets (a principle or belief) of democratic and legal state is providing the highest level of media freedom, and it alludes to freedom of expression and freedom of thought and belief. Executive always attempts for seduction and keeping the media under his wing, the Government funding through the media or through government advertising, but the Republic of Macedonia has made several amendments to the improvement of Government advertising during the election campaign and beyond. The Republic of Macedonia needs the existence of a healthy critical awareness and public, with an emphasis on fostering and defending the public debate and freedom of expression. The existence of different opinions, discussions, debates and openness of institutions would justify the existence of the community. Freedom of expression stems from many international legal acts, which were later ratified by the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia. The most important deed is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which clearly stipulates that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom advocacy of opinions and the freedom to seek, give and receive information and ideas through any media .

Keywords: expression, debate, freedom, conscience

Sep 26, 2019
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