• Simeon Ribarev


In the paper "Obligations of the performer in the construction contract according to the Macedonian law" by Simeon Ribarev, student at the Faculty of Law at the University "Goce Delcev" Shtip, was made an analysis of the contractor's obligations as a contracting party for the construction contract. In the legal system of the Republic of Macedonia, contractor is the entity that has an obligation to carry out the construction works, which is the subject of the construction contract. The obligations of the contractor may be of a contractual significance and of an administrative legal significance. The main obligations of a contractual significance are determined by the Law on Obligatory Relations, while the obligations of an administrative legal significance are determined in the Law of Construction, and if the contracting parties have agreed on their use or if the circumstances indicate that they wanted their use in arranging the contractor's obligations will be used the Special Building Guides and the FIDIC Rules. Performer, as a contracting party under the law in the Republic of Macedonia, can be only a legal entity registered in the Central Register for construction or construction craft works and it has a license for a performer. Setting the legal requirements for a performer's license, as well as the different obligations contained in the Law on Obligatory Relations, Law of Construction, Special Building Guides and FIDIC rules give the performer an important role in the construction process, and obligations of the performer deserve special analysis and elaboration, because their use is of particular importance for successful realization of the construction and fulfillment of the construction contract

Keywords: building, construction, performer, contract, contract law.

Sep 26, 2019
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