• Aleksandra Trajkova


Even though ideals of human rights are on the top of the practice of the modern social work and international political discourse still firm grounds hasn't been set for gender equality. Women’s fight for their acceptance as a human beings and having human rights is not done yet. Beside the fact that their status is better than before, beside the growing percent of woman in different societies, there is still a difference between sexes in society and there is a step backwards in the full realization of women's human rights worldwide. The division of effort based on the human gender is one of the structure dimensions of the poor that is among the women. So with all being said in this scientific work we speak about discrimination of the women's in political, economical, social, cultural or other fields and it gives clear view clear picture of gender inequality and stands out the work of the international and national authorities for protection, promotion and implementation of the basic human rights of the women and gender equality.

Key words: equality, discrimination, women, rights, participation.