• Pepica Cestojnova


In the paperwork called Discrimination Based on Ethnicity, a well known situation will be described happening basically every day. This discrimination is made either consciously or unconsciously and it is directed towards individuals belonging to different ethical origin, such as Roma people, Albanians, Turks, etc. Vice versa is also possibility. We can also be witnesses of discrimination, being neither discriminated nor discriminator. Discrimination based on ethnicity is often present in the area of education, employment, health system, medi, social protection, goods, services, etc. The main topic and the goal of this paper work and reasearch projects is the fact that I personally am against dicrimination and my personal standpoint is that we are all born equal and as long as we are given equal opportunities, we can equally advance in the society. In accordance with the priciple of equality, all people are born equal, without preferences regarding their rights and responsibilities. I believe that one of the most exposed category on discrimination in our society are the people belonging to different ethnical group from the majority where they belong. In this research work I would like to make a research on case studies related to this type of discrimination, how it is treated in our society and to compare it with other countries. As a result from this research project, firstly, I expect to raise the consciousness to everyone reading it, which often face discrimination of this type, of which we are partially aware. Whether something will be taken as discrimination or not, it is a matter of personal considerations every person has. But to recognize it, that is a skill which is aquired during a person’s lifetime.

Keywords: discrimination, ethnicity, equality, areas of discrimination, equallity.

Sep 27, 2019
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