• Abdulj Amedov


The object of this research is to describe vividly discrimination based on national and ethnic origin in our country, or direct and indirect discrimination against members of a nation, ethnic groups, religion, skin color etc. Here I would briefly describe discrimination against certain marginalized group in society that deeply feels discrimination every day everywhere in social and community life. I will mention the Roma and the Turkish nation that most feel discrimination in everyday life, such as getting a group of people who disposed and marginalized, disregarded and not serving in catering places in their localities as their limited right to free movement and reporting, denial the existence in the community and violations of ethnic culture, and ignoring the desire for cohesion and solidarity. The research relies on content analysis and interviews with small ethnic communities in Strumica, Roma and Turks. Аs a conclusion to reduce discrimination in our country is better to look at the formation of a number of NGOs for the rights of small ethnic communities and establishing programs and improving the communities in society, helping their education and scholarships.

Key words: marginalization, denial, cohesion, solidarity, ethnic culture

Sep 27, 2019
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