• Snezana Tacevska


Within the contemporary structure of the criminal law, the need for the existence of the criminal law against children is justified, as well as the justification of the existence of special criminal legislation (material, procedural, executive) that will undoubtedly and unequivocally regulate the position of the child in the penal system. The justification for this stems for the very purpose of the criminal procedure against children, which is the re-education, socialization, and proper development of the child, eliminating the reasons that led the child to the delinquent behavior, and the punishment for the action taken is not a priority. It is for these reasons that the criminal procedure against the adults, and it contains specificities and involves the participation of special bodies in order to properly implement the procedure itself. As one of the bodies without wich the criminal procedure od the children can not be implemented in any way is the Center for Social Work (CSW), which has great responsibilities and competencies that need to be fulfilled during the implementation of the procedure.

Key words: child, socialization, criminal procedure, CSW. 

Dec 27, 2019
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