• A.V. Shastin


Agriculture industry is one of the basic sectors of the economy of any state. At the same time it is characterized by low investment attractiveness due to its high dependence on natural conditions. In the context of the implementation in the enterprise sector of scientific and technological progress it is emerged the need to change the structures of control systems of agriculture. This primarily requires improving themselves of agricultural enterprises and organizations, uniting them into clusters. This way of organizing the industry allows to create production and logistics centers, which focus not only on the development of crop or livestock areas, but also to fully meet the needs of the end user through interaction with the circulation area. In addition to the cluster organization, it is the logical implementation of the control system as individual businesses and entire complexes or clusters of project management methodology, which will allow to ensure the achievement of goals more effectively. At the same time the basic unit of agro-industrial cluster management becomes a project office.


Feb 19, 2018
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