Alveolar socket preservation and shaping using temporary prosthetic construction – case presentation

  • Nikola K. Gigovski Faculty of Dentistry UKIM Skopje, Macedonia
  • Ana Radeska-Panovska University Goce Delcev, Stip
  • Vesna Korunoska Stevkovska Faculty of Dentistry UKIM Skopje, Macedonia
  • Emilija Bajraktarova Valjakova Faculty of Dentistry UKIM Skopje, Macedonia
  • Aneta Mijoska Faculty of Dentistry UKIM Skopje, Macedonia
  • Ana Gigovska Private dental practice Denta Nova, Skopje



Introduction - Postextraction  bone resorption usually results  in reduced, deficient and sometime even defective alveolar ridge compromising the fabrication, hygiene and esthetic of the gingival part of pontic design. The deficiency of the partial ridge due to bone resoption is normal and expected, but it,s intensity and shape can be improved  with proper planning and fabrication of immediate temporary construction prior the tooth extraction.

Objective - The aim of the study is to present and investigate the effect of alveolar socket preservation and partially toothless residual ridge shape using immediate fixed or removable temporary prosthetic construction in cases with single tooth extraction indication.

Material and method – Immediate temporary  removable  single tooth denture  (4 cases)  or  temporary bridge (3 cases)  were fabricated  in 7 patients with indication of  tooth extraction.  The specific element  in both  prosthetic constructions  is a small false root (4-5 mm) inserted in the postextraction alveolar socket. This pseudo-root was periodically corrected and  decreased  in height every 2 weeks.

Results – The prosthetic construction applied immediately after extraction protects the alveolar socket allowing undisturbed healing and ossification. The short pseudo-root inserted in the cervical part of the alveolus gives support and prevents collapse of the soft tissue. Recommended period for using temporary construction is 8-12 weeks.

Conclussion – The benefit of this simple procedure is to achieve faster healing of the postextraction socket and  desirable shape of the toothless area. The disadvantages are necessity for proper planning prior the tooth extraction, relatively long period for shaping of the alveolar  ridge and frequent adjustments of the immediate temporary construction.


alveolar ridge, alveolar socket, prosthetic rehabilitation.

Author Biography

Nikola K. Gigovski, Faculty of Dentistry UKIM Skopje, Macedonia

Department of prosthodontics