• Katerina Kareska
  • Tamara Jovanov Marjanova


The notion of competitiveness in modern business is gaining increasing importance. It is the basic reason for which more attention is given to the analysis of competitiveness, i.e. finding the most effective solutions for the management to achieve and sustain competitive advantage. What really is more of a challenge for both organizations and multinationals, as well as for nations as a whole, is improving the relative position of the organization in terms of competition, i.e. achieving and maintaining competitive advantage. Contemporary theory and empirical research show that the present level of economic development and globalization of trade and financial flows, as well as the opening of the national economy to companies from abroad, creates conditions for increasing the competitiveness of Macedonian organizations. The research done in this paper will contribute to deepening the understanding of the current global process and encourage organizations in future to approach the adaptation and implementation of overall reforms and functioning of the market economy with more knowledge. In order to increase the competitiveness, it is crucial for the organizations to perform activities that aim to put in practice modern management. Namely, it should be emphasized that the stage of creating competitive performance of organizations should be composed of a primary phase of redesign, and a secondary- inductive phase. The research results should help organizations in the Republic Macedonia to better understand the current situation that shapes the needs of reengineering and accepting new system of business operations, business strategies aimed at international markets, human resources as a dominant factor in increasing productivity, application of modern management, marketing, electronic operations, strengthening mutual trust, entrepreneur spirit and professionalism etc. The new organization is affected by global competition and must clearly focus on global action. Modern organizations must be innovative because innovation is the basis for further operative developmentĀ  and a prerequisite for gaining competitive advantage.


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Entrepreneurship and Marketing