Recognizing and implementing of positive changes in the organizations with a focus on the healthcare activity

  • Trajko Miceski Fakulty of economcs
  • Daniela Paparova


Nowadays the environment is characterized by dynamic forces that cause changes which contribute to the emergence of a need for introducing and implementing positive changes in the organization. The implementation of positive changes is a factor on which depends the survival and the development of an organization. Without the implementation of changes, the organization is almost on the path of self-destruction. Every organization, as well as healthcare institutions, continuously are exposed to changes that arise from both external and internal factors. Today, changes represent a style and a way of life almost for every organization. The main task of managers in the organizations is recognizing the needs for change, and, accordingly to that, applying such a strategy that will help to create an effective and efficient model for successful management of changes which will contribute to the realization of the organization’s vision and achievement of the set goals. In this paper, theoretical and empirical research and data processing are made, and the results are displayed graphically, in tables and in computational-comparing manner.


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Economics (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics)