Strategy for market segmentation and differentiation: contemporary marketing practice

  • Monika Arsova
  • Riste Temjanovski


The importance of marketing in terms of globalization is enormous, especially if seen as a tool without which the company cannot survive on the market. Today, international marketing is intensified and is adapted to all aspects of the daily life of the consumer. This is particularly true for companies that operate in more markets, that is, the work in more fragmented segments of domestic and foreign markets. Creating and formulating a marketing strategy is of great importance and requires a lot of resources and time in order to achieve the set goals.

The strategy dedicated to targeting consumers is part of the work of most of the companies in both the sacred and the Republic of Macedonia. The need for segmentation of markets according to different crises, then their targeting and grouping in different groups is necessary. The enterprises in the new millennium are faced with the challenge of finding the right way to consumers.


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