Environment and sustainable development: how to tackle with urban freight logistics consequences

  • Riste Temjanovski
  • Janka Dimitrova
  • Marjan Dodovski


Worldwide, more attention has been paid to this issue through the concept of
sustainable development. The need for natural heritage protection is regulated not only
at national level but internationally as well. Natural resource constraint is a crucial
factor that humanity must rationally and plan to manage when it comes to uncontrolled
exploitation. Today, as the world reaches the zenith of technological development, with
half the population concentrated in cities, it is clear that the concept of sustainable
development could not be realized unless the problem of urban growth is overcome.
Complete sustainable development is achieved through a balance between multiple
pillars. One of them is very important because of its complexity and
multidimensionality, such as the logistics sector in urban areas.
For this reason, in this paper, in order to answer specific questions and minimize
environmental issues, to shape them into "green institutional moderation”, we will
focus how to tackle with urban congestion and green logistics issues and to make
“amortize the consequences of the negative externalities” of cities.


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Economics (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics)