Benefits of using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) by Accounting Services Providers

  • Dushko Kocev
Keywords: CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Customer Retention, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Accounting services


Accountants as service providers, offer services consisting of analysis of the profitability of their own clients. However, accountants, with the organizational forms they operate through, are also profit-oriented entities. In order to properly position on the market, accountants are forced to find ways, methods or technologies that would improve the service they offer to the clients. The concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will be presented as a comprehensive business philosophy that enables the improvement of the relationship between the provider and the user of accounting services. CRM systems are a synthesis of software and business philosophy that focus on the specific customer requirements. Recognizing the benefits offered by these systems allows accounting service providers to obtain relevant information about their clients' characteristics. This allows to offer added value to the services, increasing the loyalty of existing customers, it also enables opportunity to develop a strategy to attract new customers, which could ultimately result in increasing the profitability of companies that provide accounting services.



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