Natural Resources and Technology <p>Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences</p> en-US (Afrodita Zendelska) (Afrodita Zendelska) Wed, 29 Nov 2023 07:55:54 +0000 OJS 60 PRELIMINARY RESULTS FOR THE INFLUENCE OF LICHENS ON ARCHAEOLOGICAL MONUMENTS IN STOBI LOCALITY <p>This paper provides preliminary data for influence of gray and yellow lichens on archeological monuments in Stobi. Also was determinated the origin of the minerals which adhere to the rhizine/hyphae. According of the SEM results, in lichen are found small grains of minerals which originated from parent rocks or weathering. In the lichens on marble was determinated the present of the following minerals:calcite, dolomite, Fe carbonate, Ca silicate, Ca,Fe,Al silicate and Fe,Al silicate. Carbonate minerals come from marble while silicates are the result of weathering.</p> <p>In lichens on sandstone ware determined the following minerals: K,Al silicate,&nbsp; Ca carbonate quartz Fe,Mg silicate,&nbsp; Fe-oxide, &nbsp;zircon, and&nbsp; Na, Ca,Al silicate. Carbonate minerals are result of weathering while other determinated minerals originate from sandstone. Clay minerals are a result of the decomposition of feldspars.</p> Tena Sijakova Ivanova, Ivan Boev, Trajce Nacev Copyright (c) 2023 Natural Resources and Technology Fri, 01 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 MICROMETEORITES IN THE DUST COLLECTED ON КOZUF MOUNTAIN (REPUBLIUC OF NORTH MACEDONIA) <p>About 40,000 tons of space-derived material fall to Earth every year. The largest part of this interplanetary dust is the result of the collision of meteorites from the meteorite belt or from the melting of ice from bodies in the Solar System.</p> <p>These interplanetary dust particles collide with the Earth's atmosphere, are further fragmented and fall to Earth as micrometeorites, measuring less than 2 mm. Significant amounts of micrometeorites have been found in deep sea sediments, on snow-capped mountains and in the ice of the polar regions.</p> <p>This paper presents the investigations using the SEM-EDS technique on dust collected on Kozhuf Mountain. From the tests carried out, it can be concluded that in the collected dust two grains were found that have the shape of a micrometeorite, while the chemical analysis shows a composition that corresponds to the composition of some micrometeorites.</p> Ivan Boev Copyright (c) 2023 Natural Resources and Technology Fri, 01 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 EDUCATION ON MINERAL RAW MATERIALS THROUGH RISBRIEFCASE, AS A NON-CONVENTIONAL TEACHING TOOL <p>Mineral raw materials are indispensable in our daily lives, e.g., food, cosmetics, clothing, medicine, mobile phones, vehicles, electrical appliances, construction materials, fertilizers, jewelry, etc. for our well-being and for a prosperous society. Securing a responsible supply from domestic sources is a key element in achieving reliable raw material security for Europe. Mineral raw materials are crucial for clean energy technologies – from wind turbines and solar panels, to electric vehicles and battery storage – require a wide range of minerals and metals and they are essential for reaching the Green Deal goals of a climate-neutral society by 2050. &nbsp;In fact, the more ambitious climate targets are, the more minerals are needed for clean energy transition. Since the mineral consumption in general is intensifying, there is an urgent need to educate society, especially children, on these topics. Nowadays, in Albania, school curriculums lack of these topics, although recycling and circular economy are sporadically dealt. The RISBriefcase project, aims to enhance the perception of mining activities and fostering awareness about the vital role minerals and mining play in our society. Engaging its non-conventional teaching tools designed for students aged 6 to 14, it is applying the all-inclusive approach on this matter by teaching children about mineral properties and their uses, critical raw materials, circular economy approaches and use of secondary raw materials, sustainable mining, gender equality and a variety of career opportunities in mining sector.</p> Lavdie Moisiu, Ana Fociro, Aida Bode, Edmond Hoxha, Adelajda Halili Copyright (c) 2023 Natural Resources and Technology Fri, 01 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 CONTRIBUTION TO RESEARCH FOR IMPROVING THE PROCUREMENT PROCESS AND DECISION-MAKING IN PROCUREMENT <p>Procurement is one of the basic functions of any enterprise. Without them, no company would survive. In this scientific paper, we carried out research in the field of catering, that is, we emphasize how important purchases are in catering, as well as in every company, as well as how purchases are made regardless of the company's activity, and also how purchases are made in hotel-restaurant enterprises because they are necessary for the company to survive, to satisfy the demands of the consumers, that is to satisfy the customers. We analyzed the behavior of the employees in the companies during the procurement process, how they face the risks in the procurement process and most importantly we can see how the purchases of a hotel-restaurant company enable success and prosperity in the company itself.</p> Sladzana Krlanska Copyright (c) 2023 Natural Resources and Technology Fri, 01 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 FORECASTING AND PREDICTION BY MEAN OF ANALYTIC HIERARCHY PROCESS (AHP) IN THE FIELD OF SUPPLY CHAINS <p>Supply chain management is a critical aspect of modern businesses, with companies striving to optimize their operations for efficiency and profitability. Accurate forecasting and prediction play a pivotal role in achieving these objectives. The study investigates the use of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) as a robust decision-making tool in supply chain forecasting and prediction. The core of this study involves the development of an AHP-based forecasting and prediction framework tailored to the supply chain domain. AHP is a systematic approach that enables decision-makers to evaluate various forecasting models using a hierarchy of criteria, sub-criteria, and alternatives. The framework also enables the incorporation of expert opinions, historical data, and real-time information, ensuring a comprehensive and adaptable approach to forecasting. Case studies and empirical evidence are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the AHP-based framework in improving supply chain forecasting accuracy and decision-making. These examples showcase how AHP can assist in demand forecasting, inventory management, supplier selection, and other critical supply chain activities.</p> Dejan Krstev, Sara Srebrenkoska, Marija Chekerovska Copyright (c) 2023 Natural Resources and Technology Fri, 01 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000