Web Based Software for Scada Applications Integraxor

  • Marjan Stoilov
  • Vasilija Sarac


In this paper is presented development of pilot project of web based SCADA software. Application enables automated production of candies for one candy shop. The process of production is monitored and controlled remotely by the aid of the software IntegraXor from any part of the world where Internet connection is available or from the mobile phone in case that Android operative system is available. Consequently the recipe for production is controlled but as well as the process of final product packaging. In this paper application is developed by connecting it to virtual ports but by redefining the port itself it can by connected to the real-time process through programmable logical controllers (PLCs) and sensors. Development of microcontrollers, actuators and sensors has led to width spreading of this kind of applications and they are exceeding the frame of industrial application.


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