Monastery tourism

  • Nikola Dimitrov Одговорен уредник
Keywords: analysis, parameters, planning regions, monastery tourism, religious tourism


Macedonia is a biblical country and a crossroads of many religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.). The northern part of Macedonia[1] is a good example of a republic with a multi-confessional space that has exhibition monasteries for religious tourism. In the article, using literature and empirical research, all 40 active monasteries are processed and evaluated. Active monasteries are those in which there is constant monasticism - male or female. The aim of the paper is through value analysis to see the role of active monasteries in the development of religious tourism in RN Macedonia. For better visibility, the evaluation of active monasteries is grouped by planning regions and the country as a whole. In valorization we use six sets of parameters for all eight planning regions equally. In addition to the text, several tables and a thematic map have been moved. Finally, the conclusion presents recommendations for comprehensive institutional planning and practice of monastery tourism, as a major part of Macedonian religious tourism.


[1] Additions to the name Macedonia in the last eight decades (1944-2019): Democratic Federal Republic of Macedonia, DFRM (1944-1946); People's Republic of Macedonia, PRM (1946-1963); Socialist Republic of Macedonia, SRM (1963-1991); Republic of Macedonia, RM (1991-2019), recognized by 133 countries worldwide; application to the UN with temporary reference Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM (1993-2019); Republic of Northern Macedonia, RNM (2019-). retrieved on 08.12.2021


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