The Management of human resource

  • Cane Koteski
  • Gjorgji Petkoski Macedonian
Keywords: management, business strategy, human capital, organization


Human resource management is a comprehensive coherent approach to staff recruitment and development. Human resource management can be considered as a philosophy of how people should be managed, and which is supported by numerous theories related to the behavior of people and the organization. Human resource management involves the application of policies and practices in the field of organizational design and development, providing resources for employees, learning and development, work and rewarding and providing services that improve employee well-being. All of these strategies are integrated and aligned with the organization's business strategy. Human resource management refers to all aspects of hiring and managing employees in the organization. Covers activities from strategic human resource management, human capital management, corporate and social responsibility, organizational development, resources (workforce, planning, recruitment and selection and talent management), learning and development, performance and reward management, relationships with employees, employee well-being and employee service delivery. Human resource management also has an international dimension.