Personnel planning segment of human resource management

  • Gjorgji Petkoski Macedonian
  • Zlatko Jakovlev
Keywords: systematic process, strategic plans, human capital, organization


Human resource planning is a roadmap that describes how the organization will meet its current and future human resource needs based on the organization's strategic plans. Human resource planning is a key element in ensuring the success of the organization because it is a systematic process of reviewing and anticipating the need for human resources, in order to provide sufficient employees with the necessary skills and abilities to achieve the goals of the organization. Human resource planning provides the basis for human resource decisions in anticipation of future changes. The planning process deals not only with the projection of the workforce, but also helps in the planning of retirements, the planning of the succession, and becomes an important strategic function for the whole organization. This is necessary not only to achieve current goals and objectives, but also to create a competitive advantage.