• Nikola Dimitrov Goce Delcev University of Stip, Faculty of tourism and business logistics
Keywords: tourism, domestic, foreign, tourists, overnight stays, types of tourist places


The paper deals with tourist movements by types of places in RN. Macedonia[1] for selected years from the period 1961 - 2021. The analysis of tourist movements was made on the basis of extensive statistical data on tourists and overnight stays, for five groups of types of tourist places: Skopje, spa, mountain, lake and others. The purpose of the paper is to see the participation and the role of each type of tourist site in tourist movements for the entire statistical period of 60 years. The text is the result of the analysis of ten thematic tables and ten graphs, all integral parts of the paper. The paper presents the reasons for fluctuations in tourist movements by types of places, and recommendations are given for the growth and improvement of tourist movements by types of places.


[1] Additions to the name Macedonia due to political reasons in the last eight decades (1944-2019): Democratic Federal Republic of Macedonia, DFRM (1944-1946); People's Republic of Macedonia, PRM (1946-1963); Socialist Republic of Macedonia, SRM (1963-1991); Republic of Macedonia, RM (1991-2019), recognized by 133 countries worldwide; application to the UN with temporary reference Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM (1993-2019); Republic of Northern Macedonia, RNM (2019-). retrieved on 08.12.2021. In the text, we will use the abbreviated name of the country, that is, only the initial letters of the adjectives or RN Macedonia.


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