A Contribution towards the Ideology of MRO in 1897/1898

Two English Documents from January 1898

  • Stojko Stojkov Institute of History and Archaeology, UGD


The article re/publishes and provides commentary upon two documents from a British Foreign Offices and a related public proclamation in the newspaper “Political freedom”, containing important information related to the early ideas of the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization. The documents, that I presented, on this occasion, in original (in English) and in translation in Macedonian, contain information about a Manifestо of the “Secret Macedonian Revolutionary Committee”. In this article I focus my discussion on the questions of authorships and ideas of the Manifesto and their connection with Macedonian revolutionary organization (MRO). Placing them in the wider context, I provide argument in favor of a conclusion that this Manifesto is published by one of the numerous satellite “Secret Revolutionary committees” created by MRO in the period 1896 – 1898 in Bulgaria, and thus it reflects strongly upon the ideas of the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization.


Manifesto, Secret satellite committees, Macedonian Revolutionary Organization.