• Marija Ampovska


The focal point in this paper is the enforcement agent’s liability insurance

in the Macedonian legal system, analyzed from the aspect of mandatory

insurance. Having in mine that the subject of this insurance is legal

liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by third parties

arising during the course of the activities, this paper, firstly, shows the

civil liability of the enforcement agent as a specific kind of professional

liability, from the aspect of lex specialis legal regulation and legal theory.

This analysis builds on the enforcement agent’s liability insurance,

through the prism of its legal nature, legal sources and legal regulation.

Bearing in mind that a more detailed regulation of this type of liability

insurance is contained solely in the specific terms of the insurer, the focus

will be placed on their provisions in order to analyze their compliance

with the legal provisions as well as with one another. The ultimate goal

is: analyzing the specifics of the insurance should answer the question

whether it meets the goals of its existence - whether it is suitable to

provide protection of the damaged persons, while at the same time to

socialize the risk of performing professional activities, without losing the

sense of responsibility and without reducing the degree of attention of the

insured person - the enforcement agent.


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