• Radomir Stojanović
Keywords: society, law, antinomy, idea, culture, dimension, politics, aspect, ideology, imagination, reality, norm


The relationship of society, law and politics is extremely complex. The position of the
individual in a necessary system of legal-political relations, we have subsumed under the
original syntagm, t o t a l i z e d i n d i v i d u a l i t y, by which we denote the subordination of
the individual to the regime of domination, which is in its turn, the expression of the interests
of the ruling structures. Technological progress is the basis of this domination, whose base is
the power to impose political and legal order, as a form of sociability that erases individuality.
Technological development is far ahead of the organization of society, which is supposed
to be following. We seek to structure the society in accordance with this fact in the idea of
culture, which, by means of law and politics, is favoring the spirituality of the individual,
as a dam for current superficial human existence. By means of culture, as the formula for
structuring the society, human individuality should be preserved


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