• Natasa Doneva
  • Elena Trajkovska
Keywords: Constitution, Europe, agreement, ratification ...


The European Constitution, a difficult reality or an unattainable utopia on
European soil? A question that is often asked, but does not get an appropriate answer ...

Opinions and views are divided on how possible it is to establish and create a
quality European Constitution that will be realistically implemented in practice.
According to some European leaders, the goal of adopting the European Constitution
was to promise a stronger, united European Union, which would provide clarity
and transparency, but also create more opportunities for improved coordination and
synchronization of common policies. The creation of the so-called Penelope Project
had high hopes for a potential further promising Europe. But referendums in several
countries have led to a turning point and contradictions. The fiasco with the Treaty
establishing a European Constitution has revealed skepticism on the issue. It was
“hidden” by the Lisbon Treaty, but how productive was that solution?
This and a number of other issues related to the historical background to the
idea of a European Constitution will be elaborated. A short briefing will be given
on the failed agreement, as well as possible prospects for re-creation of the famous
European Constitution.


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Doneva, N., & Trajkovska, E. (2020). PERSPECTIVES FOR EUROPEAN CONSTITUTION. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Social Changes in the Global World", 1(3), 41-53.

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