• Robert Dauti
Keywords: ethics, law, challenge, future


Subject of knowledge of ethics and law are found in the concepts of good and evil.
Ethics determines the way out between good and evil, while law protects good and forbids evil
through its mechanisms. Both ethics and law are closely related to the culture of the society
in which they are applied. Knowing that the culture of a society is constantly developing and
changing depending on the needs and circumstances of the time, then both good and evil, right
and wrong change depending on these factors.
Thus, the purpose of this paper is to consider the development of ethics and law,
specifically the challenges that law and ethics have today and the challenges that await them
in the future. Today society is directly dependent on many factors, such as technology, modern medicine, global warming and others, which affect the culture and behavior of society, but
also the legal norms of modern states.


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