• Erinda Misho
Keywords: environment, international law, covid-19 scenarios, environmental assessment


This paper provides an overview of the assessment of legal and policy developments of
Environmental International Law on the global pandemic declared from World Health
Organization on 11 march 2020. COVID-19 knows no borders, and whether these borders
are international frontiers, national territories, disciplinary boundaries, either economical or
industrial sectors. The COVID-19 experience has made clear that clear that environmental
international law develops shifts occur in response to crises perceived as being of concern to
humanity as a whole based on its unknown origins, national and international policy responses,
and impact consequences on the environment. Covid-19 scenarios in Albania, including the
restriction of essential and non-essential services, suspension of processing and legal terms
in certain circumstances, has businesses questioning what statues, regulations, standards or
policies have continued to remain in force. Generally, those environmental laws, regulations,
policies, permits and standards that pertain to environmental protection, pollution prevention,
biodiversity and conservation, and sustainable development whether, remain in full force and
effect. At this point, it is reasonably for all business operators and companies to assume that
the applicable environmental monitoring, reporting and permitting requirements continue to
apply to their operations. Appropriate enforcement of the numerous environmental obligations
during this emergency period will have its positive impact on environmental protection. It is
important that during COVID-19, businesses continue the fully apply their current obligations
and document all steps taken to maintain compliance on environmental assessment and
environmental permits.


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Misho, E. (2020). COVID-19 AND IMPACT ON ENVIRONMENTAL AND INTERNATIONAL LAW IN ALBANIA. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Social Changes in the Global World", 1(3), 127-137.