• Irena Cupona
Keywords: Keywords: marriage, family relationships, marriages, factors, divorce


Modern society has led to fundamental changes in the institution of marriage and its
survival. The diminishing importance of morals and values to be promoted by family law
has led to the destabilization of marital and family relations. This has led to a decrease in the
number of marriages, an increase in the number of extramarital affairs, illegitimate children
and an increase in the number of divorces.
But divorce is never based on one factor or cause. It is a sublime of many influences
of various nature. In the elaboration of the paper, the author will emphasize the sociological
factors that have an impact on the divorce. The disintegration of the traditional family model
and the emergence of the modern model, led to changing the roles of family members,
increasing the equality of women and changing the position of children, which significantly
affects the stability of marriages. Economic problems, domestic violence are the reasons for
the increase in the divorce rate and the transformations in the emotional and sexual relations,
have led to the emergence of heterogamous and homogeneous marriages.
As it is in the nature of people to merge and form communities, so over time and
changes in society and the separation of people from married communities becomes normal
and natural. Divorce grows into an opportunity to push the boundaries of human happiness
and expand human freedoms.
By analyzing the factors, the author will try to clarify the reasons that influence the
increase of this current trend which unfortunately will undoubtedly continue in the future.


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