• Natasa Doneva Ugd Faculty of law


International humanitarian and military law, although a seemingly area that has already been well elaborated, there are certain "gaps" that make it always actual, more precisely a topic that requires a constant update to the new challenges, in order to prevent their escalation. The aim of this paper is precisely that to get into the core of this international law. But in order to do so, we must begin from the beginning, first to give a retroactive brief of the conception of international humanitarian / military law. What is the idea of creation, but more importantly, what is the process of strengthening and establishing international military / humanitarian law? How successful is the implementation of the same, is it just a formally written utopian piece of paper? What are the international documents that are "compulsory literature" in this area? Are the well known conventions respectable? These are just a part of the issues that are being addressed today in the face of many crises that are still waiting for answers. Answers that we will try to analyze.

Keywords: war, conventions, international law, international custom, justicе