• Veronika Gazepova


Associated with the state and political structures, organized crime, as one of the most dangerous and complex of detection, is a very complicated phenomenon that is being examined by the contemporary society. This type of criminality distinguishes itself from other types known in criminology in the forms through which it manifests itself, affecting society and the state, along with all social and political relations, the economy, and the socio – cultural segment. In all forms the victim is different, in some there is direct and in other forms the victim is indirect. Thus, everyone is on the contrary because the main goal of the perpetrators is the achievement of high profits, most often through incorporation in the state institutions.
The main purposes of this work is to explain and define the organized crime through the various types through which it occurs, to define the phenomenological characteristics that describe this type of criminality and to describe the way this type of criminality affects the society and the state. Undoubtedly, the victims affected by this type of criminality will also be discussed in this work.

Key words: Organized criminal; Organized groups; Drug trafficking; Trafficking with weapons; Trafficking with human beings and children; Money laundering.