• Daniela Georgieva
Keywords: Keywords : Мurder, femicide, infacid, feticide, criminal situation


The dark side of man has always come to the surface through the commission of crimes. Namely, so far through numerous scientific researches, especially for murder, the scope, dynamics, structure, geographical distribution, time frame of murders, the manner and other issues are appear when discovering, clarifying and proving a criminal legal event. Human life is inviolable, and that is why murder is criminalized as a phenomenon in all countries without exception. While femicide / gender-based homicide is an extreme manifestation of this type of homicide and is one of the most severe forms of violence against women, which is preceded by years of torture / violence of any kind, especially violence within the immediate, extended family and the like. These are not isolated incidents that occur suddenly and unexpectedly, but femicides are the most severe form of violence against women and occur in various modalities. The etiology itself is primarily in the historically unequal position and allocation of power between men and women, as well as in the continuing gender discrimination. In this regard, it is important to mention the indisputable occurrence of gendercide, female infanticide and gender-based sex selective feticide in certain countries and of course the need for deeper analysis, especially of gender-based discrimination in every aspect.