Европска централна банка

  • Emilija Miteva-Kacarski


In this text, it is talking about the key role that The European Central Bankhas (as an institucion that is responsible for keeping stability of the prices) intothe the economy of the European Union. The analyze starts whit stating outthe fundamental characteristics of the Europian Central Bank as an institutionand they are: defi ning of the functions of their organs in managing and thestrategy of the Bank, and also presentation of the institutional independence,transparency and responsibility of the Bank as components that go together.Afterwards, it is starting with analysis of the capital of the European CentralBank, while the analyses goes on with the monetary politics that implementsEuropean Central Bank and targeting of the infl ation.The research in this work is encircled with emphasizing of the nonstandard measures and instruments that European Central Bank uses as themost effi cient instrument for fi ght against global fi nancial crisis.
May 23, 2013
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