Hydrochemical data for the ground waters in the Bitola’s part of the Pelagonia valley, Republic of Macedonia

  • Vojo Mirčovski
  • Blažo Boev
  • Zlatko Efremoski
  • Ajka Šorša
  • Ðorđi Dimov


For determination of some hydrochemical data in the ground waters of the Bitola part of thePelagonia valley, are taken single samples from 19 wells. Specified values for pH indicate that the waters belong tothe group of slightly alkaline ground water (pH = 7.2 – 8.9). Following to the classification of Alekin the majority oftested water according the content of the anion fall into hydrocarbonate class, calcite group and a smaller number inthe chloride and sulfate class, sodium and magnesium group. Increased values of TDS, Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+, HCO3-,Cl– and NH4+ occurs in the ground water from deeper artesian and subartesian wells, as a result of the longer retentiontime of water in the underground and its interaction with the geological environment. Ground water from the shallowwells occurs the increasing content of PO43– and NO3– which indicates water pollution from fertilization of the cultivatedareas, livestock farms as well as communal waste water. Knowing the hydrochemical feature of the ground waterfrom the research area is from particular importance, because the water from these wells 5s used by the inhabitantsof the region as industrial water, water for irrigation, packaging of mineral water and the exploitation of CO2.


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