3D modelling of the Plavica Au-Cu polymetallic deposit, Republic of Macedonia

  • Igor Ivanovski Igor Ivanovski
  • Dalibor Serafimovski
  • Goran Tasev
  • Todor Serafimovski


The latest exploration and study of the high sulfidation epithermal deposit of Plavica displayedsignificant progress in understanding the geology and definition of the particular ore body. The results from boreholesmade by Genesis Resources International DOOEL Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, in 2011, 2012 and 2013 were:51 m interval with 3.9 g/t Au in oxidation zone, 65 m interval with 3.1 g/t Au in oxidation zone, 51 m interval with3.7 g/t Au, 2.8% Cu and 16 g/t Ag in sulfide zone. For this 3D model all 195 boreholes made by the Genesis ResourcesInternational were used. The boreholes were made in the period of 2011–2013, with total length of 47295.8 mof which 74 boreholes were performed by diamond core method and total length of 23908.3 m while the other 121boreholes were performed by rotary circulation (RC) with total length of 23387.5 m. Using professional ArcGISsoftware were prepared 3D models of the ore body for gold and copper, at respective resolution of 30 m and 10 m, foreach element, which have defined mineralization extent from 1305 m to 600 m of the hypsometric level. These modelsshould improve our understanding of the ore mineralization and complement the geological data of the Plavica oredeposit.


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