Mineralogical-petrographic and physical-mechanical characteristics of the travertine and onyx from Bešište village (western Macedonia)

  • Оrce Spasovski
  • Blagica Doneva
  • Daniel Spasovski


The travertine and the onyx from the Bešište village in western Macedonia have beenexamined in order to determine the possibility to use them as architectural stone. The analyses and the laboratoryexamination were performed on samples of travertine and onyx. The samples were taken fromthe surface parts. The results for their physical mechanical features shown that the rock mass, accordingto the Macedonian standards, satisfies the requirements to be used as an architectural stone, The quality ofthe stone is higher in the deeper parts of the field where the external influences have a very small effect.This stone has highly decorative features but it also has fine grained structure which is a positive effectfor the technical characteristics and the subjection for processing and production.


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