Atmospheric Pollution with Copper around the Copper Mine and Flotation, Bučim, Republic of Macedonia, using Biomonitoring moss and Lichen Technique

  • Biljana Balabanova
  • Trajče Stafilov
  • Katerina Bačeva
  • Robert Šajn


This paper has studied the atmospheric pollution with copper due to copper mining and flotation “Bučim” near Radoviš, Republic of Macedonia. The copper ore and ore tailings continually are exposed to open air, which occur winds carry out the fine particles in to atmosphere. Moss (Hyloconium splendens and Pleurozium schrebery) and lichen (Hypogymnia physodes and Parmelia sulcata) samples were used for biomonitoring the possible atmospheric pollution with copper in the mine vicinity. Moss and lichen samples were digested by using of microwave digestion system and copper was analyzed by atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICPAES). The obtained values for the content of copper in moss and lichen samples were statistically processed using the nonparametric and parametric analysis. Maps of areal deposition of copper show an increase content of copper in the vicinity of mine, but long distance distribution of this element is not established yet.


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