Total Deposited Dust as a Reflection of Heavy Metals distribution in Area with Intensively Exploited Copper Minerals

  • Biljana Balabanova
  • Trajče Stafilov
  • Robert Šajn
  • Katerina Bačeva


The “Bučim” copper mine environ was monitored for assessing the heavy metals distribution. For that issue characterization of 17 elements content in total deposited dust was performed. The element contents were determinate using atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-AES). Bučim and Topolnica Villages and the town of Radoviš were chosen as sampling spots. It was determinate that in some period’s trough the year large amounts of dust deposits in mine environ. The annual average values оf dust deposition in the villages of Bučim and Topolnica are 489 mg m–2 d–1 and 309 mg m–2 d–1, respectively. Maximum value for the total deposited dust (815 mg m–2 d–1) was obtained at the sampling site in the Bučim village. The close vicinity of the Radoviš town was not exposed on dust deposition (97 mg m–2 d–1). Characterization of elements contents showed higher contents of some heavy metals (with emphasis on Cu and Pb) in deposited dust. Maximum value for the content of Cu was obtained in dust from Topolnica village (1183 mg kg–1) and maximum value for Pb content was obtained in deposited dust from Radoviš.


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