Seismic explorations on the Bela Voda locality near Berovo

  • Blagica Doneva
  • Marjan Delipetrev
  • Gorgi Dimov
Keywords: exploration; seismic method; reflection; exploration wells


This paper presents the results from the explorations conducted on the locality Bela Voda, village
Dvorište near Berovo. The purpose of the site survey is to determine the potential of the water supplying with underground water according to the represented structural-tectonic and hydrogeological structure, locate and prognostically
design exploratory wells for water supply according to the indicated potential, conditions and opportunities for ground
water capture. For the needs of the geophysical measurements, field hydrogeological reconnaissance of the terrain has
been performed previously. Hydrogeological research and geophysical measurements have been conducted on the locations where hydrogeological characteristics of the terrain and the presence of the types of water bearing environments
within the research area have been defined and explained. The investigations are performed by means of reflective
seismic scanning of the structural-tectonic assemblage on the terrain by representative investigative profiles and analysis of the known geological data. 10 investigative profiles (RL) with the total length of 1.5 km were made, of which
2 in the longitudinal direction of the Bela Voda river and 8 in the transverse or normal profiles of the river itself. The
field scanning along the investigative profiles was performed with a seismic wave excitation step and a 5 m distance
of geophones and an offset of 10 m. The obtained results from the performed geophysical investigations have confirmed
that there is a small zone of Upper Jurassic granite in which a fissure type of aquifer with fissure porosity is formed.
For the construction of well exploration (exploitation boreholes) there is a limited potential area, and four potential
locations are proposed.


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Doneva, B., Delipetrev, M., & Dimov, G. (2020). Seismic explorations on the Bela Voda locality near Berovo. Geologica Macedonica, 34(2), 111-121.